An excavator with dismantling shear can break up 60cars a day

In the summer of 2019, many places in China have officially started to separate waste, there has been a marked increase in awareness of recycling. The emphasis on recycling is not limited to household waste, scrap metal recycling has also been an important issue in recent years.

Scraped car
Sorting waste resources like iron and other metals for recycling,
They can be repurposing and rejuvenated.
In the reuse of metal resources, the recycling of scrapped cars is a big problem.
According to the China Material Recycling Association forecast, in 2021, the number of scrapped motor vehicles in China will exceed 9.36 million.


Rigid needs
However, as of June 2019, there were only 732 officially registered car scrapping companies, which means that on average, a company needs to dismantle more than 10,000 cars. Manual dismantling can only dismantle four cars a day, which cannot meet the huge market demand.
In this case, let the production quickly into the mechanization age, it has become the "rigid needs" of the automobile dismantling industry.

The advantage of the disintegration machine
The biggest advantage of the disintegration machine is to improve productivity.
Manual disassembly can only disassemble 4 vehicles per day, while mechanical disassembly capacity can achieve 60 vehicles per day.
Making a breakthrough 15-fold increase in work costs money up front, but pays off in the long run.

The purpose of disassembly machine
This dismantling machine for car disassembly, according to the increasing durability of the car has been improved, the clamp arm has been improved to be able to firmly fix the car style, it is simple in structure, can continue to work in the hard use of the environment, so that the work efficiency can be greatly improved.
The hydraulic shear only needs to fix one end of the removed part, and can exert its maximum grasping and cutting force with minimal movement.

Improve the productivity of automobile disassembly
Due to the continuous strengthening of the safety of the car, we choose to use of materials for light and very strong, so, the car disintegration machine also needs to evolve. The use of dismantling scissors can make them can make the classification of metal materials to get greater promotion, according to different uses and needs, can choose different disintegration machine.
Objective: To greatly improve the productivity of automobile disassembly

The purpose of multifunctional dismantling machine
Multifunctional dismantling machine can not only dismantle cars, but also all kinds of metal products can be dismantled with it.
The clamp arm of the multi-functional disintegration machine is changed into open and closed, so that the engine, waste appliances and other metal products of different sizes can be fixed. Special hydraulic scissors can grasp small parts like human fingers. To achieve detailed disassembly classification.


Post time: Jun-16-2022