Attachments companies also have to catch up from product to service

At present, China's machinery manufacturing industry is gradually closer to the direction of globalization, so whether it is production innovation or marketing are constantly reform and innovation, and strive to improve China's machinery manufacturing industry in the international level.

Our Change
We all convinced that a China that enjoys stronger growth and interacts more with the world. Donghong will surely make greater contributions to the world. Our products will be in every corner of the world. (Main products including: Concrete Crusher , Hydraulic Breaker, Hydraulic Compactor, Ripper, Quick Coupler, Hydraulic Grapple, Demolition shear and so on.
Any industry will change from production-led to market-led. Now that users' concept and demand for accessories have changed rapidly, so as a manufacturer, we are also changing at the same time.

How To Find
How to find out a good excavator attachments manufacturer in China? Firstly, this manufacturer should have stable and strong production strength; secondly, it has its own professional R&D team; thirdly, it also should have complete service team, not only international sales team, but also after-sales service team. They could understand client’s need totally, suggest suitable products, give professional construction suggestions if clients need.

The Technical Requirements
Someone who doesn’t know about this industry might think that attachments doesn't need a lot of technical support, on the contrary, The technical requirements is very high for it, The corresponding materials, processing, heat treatment, assembly, testing and other aspects require the production enterprises to have perfect technology and long-term experience accumulation to ensure the quality and product reliability. DongHong Construction Machinery Company we have focus on these for many years, we have our own engineering team, Professional technical workers. We treat each of products as Arts and crafts.
We are also the supplier for the excavator attachments they need of bit excavator manufacturers, to provide supporting products to their excavators.
Made it China, you deserve it.

Post time: Jun-16-2022