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Grapples, or grabs, are available for all excavators and are a durable, cost effective solution for long term materials handling requirements.

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The five finger Mechanical Grapple is driven by the excavator bucket cylinder and as has a geometric reaction with a stiff arm pinned to a bracket on the dipper arm of the machine.
As the bucket cylinder is opened or closed, the jaws are either opened or closed to grapple all types of application that require heavy duty and extensive lift, carry or load operations such as cleaning sites, performing demolition work, loading/unloading green waste, logs, recycling, scrap and rocks. With 3 fingers facing the excavator cabin and the two interlocking fingers away from the cab, safety is assured as any logs, reinforcing mesh, or other long materials are bent or broken away from the operator.
The Mechanical Grapple has been the grapple of choice in the demolition and logging industry for many years due to its robustness and simplicity.
Their ability to handle irregularly shaped loads and loose materials makes them an essential tool for reprocessing, sorting and demolition works. 


1. It is economically designed, and based on mechanical design, it holds very useful performance for excavator. 
2. It adopts the design of five claws, while works it can embrace wider touching face so increase the steady of holding, and the claw is suitable for any material holding, especially for rough things. 
3. All it parts follow our standard producing procedure, all parts adopts high tensile steel and strictly tested after work. 
4. It is simply designed but takes high working performance, with excavator sticks connected it can be opened and operated smoothly.


why choose us

First: Made of high quality high strength steel plate, easy to install and easy to operate
Second: We offer two types, divided into mechanical and hydraulic rotary.
Third: We focus on excavator fittings manufacturing factory, with more than 10 years of production experience
Fourth: reasonable price, good quality, excellent after-sales service, fast delivery.
Our Advantage:
We are factory specializing in excavator attachments, with mature production technology and supply guarantee. Our
products are loved by our customers for their excellent quality and reasonable price.


Model Unit DHG-04 DHG-06 DHG-08 DHG-10
Suitable Weight ton 6-8T 14-18T 20-25T 26-30T
Jaw Opening mm 1300 1600 2000 2500
Weight kg 280 500 850 1150
Dimension L*W*H mm 1360*560*560 1700*650*700 2300*800*890 2700*900*1000

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